Underdog Animal Rescue, Inc.

​Give the gift of food

With a house full of hungry pets, the food costs certainly add up. Underdog Animal Rescue spends over $500 a month just in food! That's more than 40 cups a day!

Most of our dogs eat a Grain-Free Diet from Homeworth Feed Mill, which helps with the dogs who have digestion issues with wheat, corn and soy. It's a high quality dog food that the dogs all seem to love.

We also feed homemade Chicken and Rice Diet for some of the pickier eaters. Their favorite treats are the Milk Bones or any healthy snack made in the USA. 

Now for the Kitties, they get a well-balanced Indoor Cat diet from Iams. Topped off with their canned food of their choice. (Because we know the cats are much more picky eaters).

If you would like to donate a bag of food or treats the hounds would surely appreciate it! You can contact Homeworth Feed Mill at (330) 525-7830​ for any dog food donations.