Underdog Animal Rescue, Inc.

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He came from the Columbiana County Pound from a Neglect Case. Since he hasn't had the best beginning he needs a warm-up period and then you are the best of friends. He is Shih Tzu Mix, around 6 years old. Dolce likes his people, and is a lap dog. Loves a good ear scratch. Unfortunately, at his last vet appt the Doctors didn't have the best news. His Cancer has spread and doesn't have much time left with us. We will keep you posted on his health. Right now he is available to sponsor or you may send him gifts. 

Now in Hospice Care with one of our Long-Term Volunteer.

Our Resident Pets


This little girl hasn't had the best start in life. She came to us with an Upper Respiratory Infection, a deformed front leg, and her tail infected. We were able to help with her tail infection, but her leg is still deformed, and she has a Chronic Upper Respiratory Disease. At this point her leg does not need to be amputated, but this could be needed in her future. Even though her leg is deformed - that doesn't stop her from playing and enjoying life. She gets a special supplement and weekly antibiotics. 

She is available to Sponsor!!