Underdog Animal Rescue, Inc.

Sponsorship Plans:

You'll Receive:

  • A photo of the pet you are sponsoring.
  • ​The good-feeling of helping an animal in need.
  • A tax-deduction for your contribution.

Sponser a pet

Please Contact Us to set up your Sponsorship

Together we can help save the lives of senior & special needs pets who would have otherwise been euthanized...

A monthly sponsorship helps provide food, healthcare, and a safe environment for the Resident Pet of your choice. In addition, sponsorship donations can help ensure we're able to help another dog in need. Sponsors will be acknowledged on our web site and Facebook Pages. Sponsorships make great gifts for animal lovers who already have pets or for some reason can't have a pet. They are also great ways to cherish the memory of pet who has passed away.